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I am Sourabh. I am a freelancer and an avid blogger. I own and maintain this site titled CFM Book having the domain name www.cfmbook.com, a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program , Impact.com Affiliate Program and shareasale.com affiliate advertising program which is an affiliate advertising program to help websites, blogs and other content publishing platforms to earn advertising fees.

My blog/website CFMBook focus on publishing useful information on various niches including guitars, jet ski, cooking & beverages and a couple of more niches in the form of texts, images and videos. Many web pages here contain links to product pages on Amazon.com to divert traffic and participate in the business growth of Amazon , Impact.com and shareasale.com and other companies which are linked directly on the Amazon website.

I look ahead to making CFMBook a trusted website/blog where visitors can learn, gain knowledge, research and interact with me by using the comment box. The topics discussed here are well-researched and I believe to be useful to readers of all age groups as all the information mentioned is collected from reliable sources including books, journals and websites.

I am always concerned that the mentioned information should reciprocate with a positive impact in the real life, but still urge visitors to consult professionals or experts before implementing the advice, recommendations or suggestions of my articles, videos, photos, etc. on this website/blog. I have no odd personality with respect to human error. I encourage my visitors to help me rectify the errors or mistakes by mentioning those in the comment section.

I work on unbiased content without the influence of any advertiser, politician, celebrity, researcher, etc to provide good and authentic information to my visitors. I follow the path of neutrality in all my posts here on the CFMBook website/blog. However, I urge you to remain conscious while comparing the information with that mentioned on other similar websites or blogs. The content may vary and seem irrational in one way or another either here or on the other platforms.

I don’t claim myself to be an expert in the niches like jet ski, RV vans, guitars, coffee machines, grocery and technology. Writing is my passion and publishing a research work on my CFMBook is my main concern. As I am a freelance writer and have been writing for various clients from across the world for years, I thought to start my own website/blog to share knowledge/information with others. Buyers to my writing services may contact me separately using my Contact Me page.

Visitors to my website/blog are requested to frequently read my Privacy Policy page to remain informed with the updated privacy policy information. Like most popular websites, I keep the privacy policy page updated frequently and abide by it. I believe the Privacy Policy page of this website/blog contains detailed information related to comments, cookies, media, external links, data sharing, data retention and a couple of more concerns. I follow the industry-standard privacy policy.

In the end, I am thankful to you for your visit to my www.cfmbook.com and wish you get relevant information of your interest here. I believe my content will keep you visiting my website/blog on a regular basis. I respect your engagement and time here.