Which Is The Most Comfortable Guitar To Play (Sitting Down)

Playing music on guitar is one of the best joys of life. Among the many guitars around in the market available online or in the local market, we will discuss the most comfortable guitar to play while sitting down. 

The most comfortable electric guitars to play sitting down have Stratocaster frame builds. Parlour acoustic guitars are the most comfortable of all acoustic guitars to use while sitting down. Because of the small size and relaxing curve of these guitar frame build.

Guitars are put together for being played, though the comfortable level of a guitar while holding and playing it will decide the guitar’s character when the individual plays it. Look not far away for the most comfortable guitar to play

Most Comfortable Guitar To Play

Which Guitars Are The Most Comfortable To Play?

The deciding feature of a guitar for most players is the comfort level when playing it.

Most guitar players consider this the most important quality, notably the guitar players who do not often play while standing up and the guitar players who require to play extended gigs while sitting down.

Because of this reason, determining the most comfortable guitars to play is an exploration that various guitar players undergo.

Today we will discuss the most comfortable guitars and guitar frame builds to play and why they are comfortable.

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Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are usually heavier and uncomfortable playing while sitting down. Electric guitars typically have sharp edges, and the area where the input jack is located can make electric guitars a challenge to hold comfortably while seated.

Considering the above circumstances, the electric guitar most comfortable to play includes Stratocaster frame build, Les Paul frame build, hollow frame build electric guitars, and chambered frame build electric guitars.

As you’re looking for the most comfortable electric guitar to play while sitting down, select from these options as it’s a better choice.

Stratocaster guitars are comfortable to play while seated as they have a contoured body shape that is a proper playing position, and the area where the input jack is located on the face of the body produces a comfortable position.

Electric guitars with the Les Paul body shape are comfortable to play while seated because they are usually quite heavy; that is quite a lot to ask for to play them while standing.

Les Paul-style guitars have a flat bottom edge and a top plate contour that is easy to approach, making them comfortable for playing while seated.

Hollow body electric guitars have a broader body shape than other electric guitars, making them comfortable to use while seated as the hollow body electric guitars rest comfortably on legs.

The guitars we mentioned above are lighter when compared to other electric guitars, which makes them more comfortable to play while sitting.

Chambered body electric guitars are lightweight, making them a great choice to play while being sweated.

A chambered frame version of various electric guitar body shapes exists, though the factor that makes them good for playing while seated is so lightweight.

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Acoustic Guitars

Most acoustic guitars are lightweight, making them quite comfortable to play while seated down, and having a wide bottom edge, as compared to electric guitars makes the difference.

When the frame of the guitar is too big, it stretches to reach over the body with the strumming hand to play the strings comfortably.

Because of this, acoustic guitars that are smaller or have more narrow body types are more comfortable to play while being seated.

This includes a parlor, auditorium, grand auditorium, and travel-sized body shapes are the most comfortable acoustic guitar body shaped to play while seated.

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The Most Comfortable Electric Guitar To Play Sitting Down

Considering all the comfort factors and body shapes mentioned above, we will discuss the most comfortable electric guitar to play while sitting down and why?

Electric guitars with Stratocaster body shapes are the most comfortable electric guitar to play while seated.

This is because Strat-style guitars are very comfortable to play all-round, but the body shape enables them to be played while seated.

Strats have rounded edges and a contoured body shape, keeping in mind the maximum comfort and reach, making this the best electric guitar to use if you are seated for a long time.

The place where the input jack is located on the front of the body is a great reason that makes this guitar suitable for this position, as the guitar cable will not get in the way when playing the guitar.

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The Most Comfortable Acoustic Guitar To Play Sitting Down

Various comfortable acoustic guitar types are available that could be played while sitting down. Many acoustic guitars are comfortable in this position, but which is the best for playing while seated?

The acoustic guitar with a parlor body shape is the most comfortable to play while sitting down.

The reason is that the body’s top curve is narrow enough to comfortably reach the strings while sitting down and the parlor body shape is smaller than most other guitars.

Travel-sized acoustic guitars are small enough to be played while seated, but they may not sound as good as parlor acoustics, so the comfortable size brings a compromise in tone.


As we discussed, the factor that plays a significant role in the guitar’s playability is how comfortable a guitar is to play.

This consist of how comfortable they are to play while seated, as various guitar players in the USA put in many hours playing while seated to train, and many plays extended gigs in a seated position.

The most comfortable guitars to play while sitting are those that have body shapes that are smaller in size and have an input jack on top of the guitar.

The most comfortable electric guitars to play while seated are those with Stratocaster-style bodies, and the most comfortable acoustic guitars are parlor-shaped acoustics.

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