How to Load a Kayak on Cartop Carrier all by Yourself

Today I show you how to load a Kayak Cartop Carrier by yourself. It took me a long time to figure this out. A couple of supplies you’ll need that I want to show you are a towel that just sits up on your car top so you don’t scratch your car. Even though I have the racks is going to get hit with you know by the with the kayak so you’ll want to make sure that you have a towel to cover that area and then you don’t have any scratches on your car. Also, I have this rubber mat that I purchased that will catch the kayak and prevent it from slipping because if you just have this on the concrete or the ground very likely it’s going to slip. So this The rubber mat has some large grooves in it to catch the end of the kayak so it doesn’t slide. I first attempted to use just the floor mats of my car but the grip wasn’t high enough meaning this part needs to be kind of a deep grip or a higher grip. so that this will catch on it in that slide so I just purchased this mat. It works well so with that being said I’m gonna show you guys now how to load this Kayak on Cartop Carrier.

I’m gonna show you guys two different ways to load the Kayak on Cartop Carrier. One is from the side of the vehicle and one is from the back of the vehicle. I prefer the side of the vehicle. I find it a little bit easier but I know some people prefer the back the end of the car so I’m also going to show that. So here you’re gonna want to put down your towel so you don’t scratch the roof of your car then you approach the back end of the kayak. The reason you use the back end of the kayak to start with is if you’ll notice this smooth portion here this you can kind of hold on to while you stand up with a kayak. You’re going to begin to walk the kayak forward kind of holding that flat surface then slowly rotate towards the vehicle lean carefully on the roof of the vehicle and you’ll notice that the tip of the kayak kind of catches on the lip of the rack. So this prevents it from sliding over. Then you approach the front end of the kayak lean down with your knees get a grip on there and you will slowly lift with your knee. Careful not to use your back. Carefully push the kayak forward twist to the back of the vehicle and again push forward making sure that the kayak is center on Cartop Carrier.

So now to offload the kayak from the back of the vehicle we’re gonna do the same thing in reverse. Twist the kayak around to the side of the vehicle, slowly slide down the side placing down carefully on the rubber mat while bending at your knees then you walk to the underside of the kayak. Slowly push forward make sure you have a good grip on that flat surface of the kayak and slowly begin to walk down make sure you bend at the knee and voila. So I’m pretty tall I don’t you know I can reach the kayak pretty easily but if you’re a little shorter you can always use the step in the inside of your car or your SUV to kind of reposition the kayak once it’s on top of the roof. This is just the back view showing you how to offload the kayak you kind of pull it back a little twist it over to the side slowly slide it down the side bend down at the knee. Carefully place it on the mat go to the back of the kayak underneath the kayak push forward slightly and slowly walk down a place on the ground and that’s it. Then this is just the back view of the same thing placing on the kayak so walk forward slightly place on the side of the car kind of a little wobbly but kind of reposition on the rubber mat.

There make sure it doesn’t slide there we go lean down lift with your knee, push forward slightly make sure the kayak’s on the front rack do a little spin now you’re on both racks, and reposition a little bit so it’s center and push forward done. So this is what loading the kayak from the back end of the vehicle looks like. You will go to the end of the kayak again grab the flat surface on the bottom but in this instance, I had to reposition the rubber mat because the tip of the front tip of the kayak was not catching on the rubber mat so it was sliding forward. So you may have to reposition sometimes like that it happens. So we’ll try again to bend down at the knee lift with your knees holding on to the flat surface of the kayak. Walk the kayak forward we are going to do a little pivot and turn with the kayak lean it carefully on the back end of the vehicle. Make sure that you’re in place there since you don’t have the tip of the rack there The kayak could slip so be careful to approach the front end of the kayak bend down at the knee then lift carefully not using your back push forward make sure that the kayak is center on the two racks and you’re done now to offload the kayak. We do the same thing in reverse from the back of the vehicle grab the edge of the kayak slowly pull it down carefully place it on the rubber mat leaning down with your knee we will approach the underneath of the kayak. Slightly lean forward grab the flat end of the kayak so you have something to hold stably. Then slowly walk it down bend down at your knee and carefully set down all right guys and so once you have the kayak on top of your car or your SUV you, of course, have to strap it down. I use these cinch I like them because they’re easy to use.

I want to show you guys how to strap the kayak on if you have never done that before so I have the cinch strap which is just the little clasp with the teeth and you pull you just pull through pull the pull the strap through. So one end of the strap is going to go under the bar like so underneath the kayak down to the other bar you throw the top strap over me and then just pull through until it’s nice and you know nice until it’s tightly strapped down in place. Just be aware of this piece right here is like metal so this piece this metal piece right here can scratch your kayak or scratch the top of your car so just make sure that that you’re kayaking your car protected from this piece here. So that’s it guys how to load a kayak on cartop carrier by yourself. Guys, I’d say if you have two people or more to load a kayak on top of the car or the SUV do that for sure if you can it’s a lot easier. However, if you’re solo and you need to load it by yourself this is how you load it I realized as I was showing you guys this that I prefer loading the kayak from the side because you have this rack here that kind of prevents the kayak from sliding down. Whereas on the back of the car there’s no rack to prevent it from sliding from one side to the other. So I think it’s easier for me to load it from the side. And definitely, it’s still a little tricky by yourself like the bottom of the kayak is not flat it’s kind of curved so that it can cut through waves and water so it’s always kind of tippy and off-balance on a flat surface so you may need to kind of readjust a couple of times you might have to move that rubber mat around to make sure that the bottom pointy tip of the kayak is gripped on there and is not gonna slide off. It’s not always a smooth process but it is done so I hope this was beneficial to you guys for loading a kayak by yourself.

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