Should I use premium gas in my jet ski or any alternatives available?

You may have recently invested your money to have a Jet Ski and give yourself those rides on the lake you deserve. However, you may have a few questions about the vehicle, starting with the correct gasoline use. It is time for you to solve these questions and try to get the most out of your water unit.

During the choice of the type of fuel that your Jet Ski will use, you must consider the type of unit that you purchased. A good number of jet ski gas could benefit your tour or affect its performance. Most jet ski experts recommend premium gasoline but ignore that this gas should not contain ethanol.

In short, you can think of your Jet Ski as a car, but it only travels across the lake or the sea. That is, Jet Skis can use the same type of gasoline that you would frequently use in your vehicle. On the other hand, there is a belief that using jet fuel in your jet ski could better affect its speed.

use premium gas in my jet ski

What is the fuel used by a jet ski?

If you’ve just noticed that your jet ski’s engine is empty, you may want to buy gas from it. However, you may be wondering what type of fuel this wheelless vehicle uses to move down the street. A Jet Ski uses regular unleaded gasoline, or you could also fill the tank with premium gasoline.

The reason why the gas for jet skis varies is due to the engine and the indications given by the manufacturer. In case you want to avoid headaches when fueling your Jet Ski, it is only fair that you do your research on it before you buy it. Ideally, it would help if you had a jet ski that uses regular unleaded fuel, not a more complex option.

During the gasoline supply to your Jet Ski, it is convenient to know that not all marine pumps will give you the desired fuel. You may only run into 89 or 87 octane gas and need 93 octane premium fuel.

You could also choose to tow your jet ski to the fuel pump and thus have the desired supply. On the other hand, you could try filling a jerry can with the correct gasoline and emptying it manually on the jet ski. However, it is a process that could be frustrating and exhausting.

Differences between Premium and regular fuel

You may still be wondering which is the best fuel for jet ski now that you have two options: Premium and regular. It is good to know the differences between both fuels and so you choose to empty the best one into the jet ski tank:

• The octane level of both fuels varies greatly, which can be beneficial or detrimental to the engine. In the case of Premium gasoline, the octane level is very high, which avoids spontaneous problems. However, when you have a higher octane fuel, this does not mean that the performance of the Jet Ski increases.

• Regular gasoline is usually cheaper than premium fuel, saving you a lot of money on filling up. But if you use regular fuel in the wrong car or jet ski, its performance may be affected.

During filling the gas tank in your jet ski, you must consider the amount of octane. In general, you will find the following types of gasoline at a gasoline pump on land or the sea:

• 87 octane gasoline is usually the most affordable due to its low octane level.

• 89 octane gasoline that would be classified as a medium-level fuel is one of the most commercialized.

• 91 octane gasoline that could be taken as Premium fuel for different types of vehicles.

• 93 octane gasoline is called “ultra fuel” or super Premium because of its high octane range. The gasoline would be limited to many vehicles unless indicated by the manufacturer.

Know if the jet skis use normal gasoline for vehicles

Now that you know the different fuel types according to their octane level, you may wonder if the jet ski will be supplied with them. The simplest answer to your question is that a jet ski can use normal gasoline for vehicles. But you must know what type of gasoline is indicated for the jet ski and thus be able to avoid conflicts.

jet skis use normal gasoline

After having solved the doubt about do jet skis take regular gas, you must take into consideration:

• A jet ski usually has a slightly lower potential than a traditional vehicle, but this does not mean that the octane level in its gasoline is reduced.

• There are different models of a jet ski, which would also make it difficult to give a precise answer about the type of fuel your unit needs.

• In general, the jet ski manufacturer usually indicates the type of gasoline the unit uses to avoid problems.

You can fill up your jet ski using medium-high octane fuel. You can easily fill the unit with 89, 91, or 93 octanes gasoline at a traditional or marine pump. Usually, the jet ski engine will require a Premium 91 octane gasoline for you to consider.

What happens if I use old gas in my jet ski?

While learning about fueling your jet ski, you may have made the mistake of using old gas. If you have applied old gas in jet ski, it will be difficult for you to start and damage the unit. The jet ski, like the vehicle, is sensitive to old gas that could clog some areas of the engine.

You, as the jet ski owner, have to avoid using old gas in the unit unless you want to have a hard time using it. Ideally, you should look at the fuel before putting it in the jet ski’s tank and ensure it’s not old. Usually, these problems occur when you store jet ski gas at home.

If the damage is already done and your jet ski has old gasoline in its engine, you will have to empty the tank manually. In the best of cases, it may be that with an exhaustive cleaning and new gasoline, the jet ski will start. But it could also happen that the gasoline in poor condition has covered some parts of the engine, which will refer to professional cleaning.

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