What kind of gas does a jet ski take to maintain its performance?

What kind of gas does a jet ski take? The fuel type will depend on the model and Jet Ski you use. Your personal watercraft owner’s manual will also tell you what type of gasoline you need to refuel.

Some jet skis work with Premium fuel, and others work perfectly with normal gasoline. Many experts say that for the best engine performance and longevity, you should use Premium 95 and 98 octane fuel. This means you should stay away from 91 octanes or lower octane fuel.

Below you will find more important information to help you choose the best fuel for your watercraft.

Premium PWC Gas vs Normal Gas: Which one to refuel with?

What fuel will be best for a jet ski?

In general, jet skis use premium gasoline and unleaded gasoline. But as mentioned above, the fuel type will also depend on the model and manufacturer. Each engine needs a specific fuel type to optimize its operation and prevent further damage.

Some recognized brands such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, and SeaDoo specify that Premium fuel must be used in their manuals. They are brands that have designed jet skis with higher performance and must use good fuels to maintain their useful life.

If you have recently purchased a jet ski and want to refuel your jet ski, you may be wondering what kind of gas a jet ski takes. You may be undecided whether to choose Premium 95 or 98 octane fuel.

Choosing a suitable fuel, such as Premium, will provide better combustion and greater performance for your jet ski. The first thing to note is that both octane ratings are great, but the 98 will be a better choice.

At 98, your jet ski will function properly and with better potential even if you don’t need it. You will notice a greater maximum speed and acceleration performance despite barely perceptible changes. In addition, it will prevent the engine from falling in the short term.

Due to the constant aggressiveness of the engine, jet skis or PWCs usually have a relatively short life cycle. Therefore, the fuel you use in your main tank and the auxiliary fuel you carry is important.

Is the brand of the gas station important when refueling your jet ski?

To keep your watercraft in tip-top condition, you’ll need to choose service stations with well-known names. Unnamed gas stations can be bad for your bike because you don’t know where your fuel comes from.

If you value your jet ski, you should avoid the cheapest fuel on the market. Look for recognized and reliable brands such as Mobil, Shell, or BP. You will feel calm and safe because the gasoline will be good. In addition, you will have the amount of gasoline your tank needs to navigate.

What happens if I use 91 octanes?

If you want to know what kind of gas a jet ski takes, you are in the right place. Using 91 octanes is not good for Jet Ski owners because they need higher performance, and the engine will not run properly.

This octane can work for companies that rent jet skis because passengers do not cross the red line. Many experts indicate that when using 91 octanes, jet skis will not explode, but prolonged use can affect the life cycle of the motorcycle.


What kind of gas does a jet ski take? To take care of your motorcycle and have peace of mind, you must use Premium fuel. It will be a way to keep your machine running smoothly and have a great day on the water.

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