Is Bluehost Vs Godaddy A Good Choice?

If you are looking for a web host there is only one way to go and that is to select the best hosting company available, and this is where the battle takes place between two giants, Bluehost and Godaddy. Both Bluehost and GoDaddy offer a range of very popular shared web hosting plans for their customers. So lets look at more detail about the various features you could expect to enjoy if you choose to sign up with either of the above hosting services. Lets also take a look at why they are such a great choice for your business.

There are basically two main differences when it comes to Bluehost Vs Godaddy. The first of course is the price. Whilst Godaddy may be cheaper for new customers they have always prided themselves on being the cheapest option for long time customers and so it makes sense that they offer very competitive pricing for those who have been with them for a long time. With that said, you do have to consider the big picture when it comes to choosing a web host and you have to make sure that your needs are met. You will need to have plenty of disk space and a fairly high bandwidth if you intend on uploading anything to your website or within a website itself.

The other major difference between these two well respected web hosting services is the type of hosting features that they offer. Most of the larger Bluehost customers tend to get a package deal whereby they get all the tools that they need to manage their website in one convenient package. With Godaddy, you will have to choose your own domain names. Whilst Godaddy does have its own domain names service, they tend to be quite pricey and can take up a fair amount of space on your hard drive. This can be a problem if you intend on using a lot of domain names, as Godaddy can potentially eat up quite a bit of space on your hard drive if you go with the plan.

There is also the point of loading times when comparing Bluehost Vs Godaddy. If you’re a person who likes to upgrade their websites on a regular basis, you will like the idea of Godaddy. They offer a monthly plan which you can choose to pay for in any way you like. For example, you can pay by the month or pay for the year. They also have an extremely responsive customer support team that is always ready to help you out no matter what time it is. With the way most WordPress users are, you can be guaranteed of some delays when loading times are concerned.

If you need to have a website quickly installed and ready to go, then you should definitely look at Bluehost. The best thing about this web hosting provider is that they are very time friendly. Meaning, you are guaranteed of uptime for 365 days. With other hosting providers, this is not possible as they have a three-hour loading time to account for everything that could possibly happen.

On the flip side, if you want a more robust website, then you will definitely appreciate the user experience that comes with Bluehost Vs Godaddy. Their service is extremely user friendly and they do offer a lot of extra services such as virtual private servers. For those who aren’t tech savvy, this is a plus, as it gives them a level of security that they might not get with a shared web hosting plan.

When comparing Bluehost VS Godaddy, we looked mainly at how robust their customer service was. This is one area where they really scores above the competition. The reason for this is because you will never hear your hosting provider to complain about you or your website when you have a problem. The response that they provide to your problem is probably the most personalized and is always quick and to the point.

Also, if you are not a technical person and are looking for a provider, Bluehost VS Godaddy is definitely not your choice. Their customer support is horrible and if you need something done quickly, then you will be stuck waiting on hold for what seems like an eternity. They also don’t provide any live chat either, which can be a big problem when you need help. Overall, the customer support provided by Bluehost VS Godaddy is sub-par, but that is the only drawback, which is not enough to make us not recommend them to anyone. To get the full details on how well Bluehost VS Godaddy stacks up against the other top hosting options, check out our sister site below.

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